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Umeå becomes a Foundation Network Partner

We are pleased to announce that Umeå has become a Partner of the Foundation’s Network.

Umea, Sweden, is not only one of Europe’s fastest growing cities, but is fast becoming a leader in the circular economy. In Umeå, the circular economy presents multiple opportunities to stimulate businesses, while achieving the environmental goal of carbon neutrality by 2040.

As a pioneer in the field, Umea was recently selected to participate in the OECD programme The Circular Economy in Cities and Regions. The programme resulted in city-specific recommendations on how to best continue developing the circular economy in its region. Those recommendations, alongside being a signatory of the European Circular Cities declaration gives Umeå a framework for circular economy activities. Building on this and their partnership with the Foundation introduces Umea to a network of other cities determined to actively collaborate, share knowledge and expertise to drive the global transition to a circular economy, and demonstrate the circular economy at the local-level.

Umea joins other cities such as Brussels, London, Milan, New York City, Phoenix, Porto, São Paulo, and Toronto in collaborating for a circular economy.

More information on the circular economy in Umea.

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