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‘To tackle global challenges, we need industry to scale global solutions’

Last week, the Foundation partnered with the Financial Times for a global digital conference — The Global Boardroom 2nd Edition: Shaping the Recovery.

The Global Boardroom saw 150 speakers, including CEOs, policymakers, investors, and thought leaders, discuss how a world emerging from the pandemic can work towards resilience and inclusivity.

On the 11th November, our CEO Andrew Morlet joined Gillian Tett, Chair of the Editorial Board and Editor-at-large, US, of the Financial Times, at a panel discussion — Moral Money Live: The Role of Business-Based Solutions in Addressing the Climate Emergency.

Further details about the 45-minute session are available on the website.

Andrew set out how the circular economy can be used as a tool to deliver on climate change and other global challenges, such as biodiversity loss, and waste and pollution, while delivering better growth. He highlighted the need to make the shift to renewable energy and address issues of production and consumption that are responsible for almost half of global greenhouse gas emissions. In order to implement these solutions, core business models must be redesigned.

Andrew stressed the importance of using metrics to measure circularity, and reiterated the need for a circular economy for plastic — an economy in which plastic never becomes waste or pollution.

The other panellists were Jim Fitterling, Chairman and CEO, Dow, Takeshi Niinami, CEO, Suntory, and Jay Rosen, CFO, The Red Sea Development Company.

Last month, the Foundation partnered with the Financial Times to host a panel at the Global Moral Money Summit — Redefining Capitalism: Building Back Better, to discuss the role of the finance industry in the transition to a circular economy. The session is available to watch on catch-up.

On the 5th November, we launched our Global Commitment 2020 Progress Report at the Financial Times Digital Dialogue — Upscaling the Circular Economy for Plastics: From Global Commitment to Global Solutions. This session is also available to watch on catch-up.

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