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Circular Design takes centre stage at this year’s London Design Festival

The annual London Design Festival (LDF) takes place from the 12th-20th September to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world.

As part of the event, SAP Business Software, and the Foundation, together with LDF, have curated The Circular Design Project. The project provides a selection of stories and resources that aim to empower and equip the design and creative community towards the circular economy as a framework for global impact.

Starting tomorrow, the Festival which is online and free to attend, will see The Circular Design Project act as the spark that begins to shift designers’ attitudes and practice. The schedule of talks, panel discussions, and seminars, held over nine days, will include a diverse range of contributors, including:

  • some of the worlds largest brands, all of which have the potential to make a significant impact on global materials flows
  • independent designers at the start of their careers who see the circular economy as a pillar of their value set
  • agencies that guide today’s standards and investment when it comes to design innovation

The project’s stories and resources will aim to explore and explain what circular design is through a number of different approaches. They will demonstrate that a circular future starts with design, and help designers to identify as part of a group that can influence the products, services and systems around us. The project will also establish the steps that can be taken collectively in the global design and creative community, to bring more circular design solutions to life, with global impact and scale.

Following the Festival, the stories and resources will continue to multiply, and will be presented at design promotion events across the world, culminating at London Design Festival 2021 with an installation and exhibition.

Explore the full programme and register to attend.

Each year, London Design Festival recognises the contributions made by leading design figures and emerging talents to London and the design industry as a whole. Four medals are awarded; The London Design Medal, Lifetime Achievement Medal, Emerging Design Medal, and Design Innovation Medal.

Dame Ellen MacArthur is this year’s Design Innovation Medal winner. The medal celebrates entrepreneurship in all its forms both locally and internationally, and honours an individual for whom design lies at the core of their development and success.

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